Project SCLAR

Scalable Compute on Local Array Resources

An Empty Datacenter

Not something you see everyday, but it does happen. After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma, this is a common sight. While cloud providers can simply migrate resources to other datacenter, the casual colocation user doesn't have that option. As we've said in the past, Black Sector works to solve big problems with small solutions, and we're proud of this one.


Ok, We're Kidding

In all seriousness however, we do want to take a minute to explain it. Our hardware design team has access to a significant amount of recycled hardware, and one of the common items we see are PowerMac G5s. Being that most of them are from 2002, the hardware inside is, how do you say, bad. The case however, is amazing. While we're not ready to share the details on how we're going to cram twelve servers, a control node, and a SFP+ switch into it, we invite you to stay tuned to our blog and social media for updates. We plan to have a prototype finished by the end of Q4 this year, and hope to be in a production ready state by Q3 of next year. 


As always, we appreciate your interest, if you have questions you can contact


--Patrick M. Womack