Black-Sector-Technologies="A company dedicated to solving big problems with small solutions."

Black Sector

Started as a running joke

At Black Sector we do one thing, solve problems.

Black Sector Technologies strives to create easy solutions to difficult problems, all while maintaining our commitment to our customers and the ease of use of our products. We understand that everyone isn't a web developer, programer, systems administrator, or systems analyst, and we think that shouldn't matter. A strong focus on creating products that don't exist is what drives us to do our jobs.

While we may focus on smaller, more direct projects, we strive to make the solutions to those problems the best in usability, and stability.

For direct inquiries please contact:

  • info@public.blacksector.tech

Yes, that is Wataburger in the background.

Yes, that is Wataburger in the background.

The Man of Many Hats

Patrick M. Womack

Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst, Script Writer, Web Developer, Video Editor, Beard Enthusiast, Lover of Cheese.

I'll be frank, am I mildly narcissistic? Yes, I am.

I strive everyday to provide the best solutions to the customers of BST, moreover, to the Open Source Software community. I'm no star mobile developer, nor am I a super star programmer, I started with batch scripts to automate launching of game servers - srcds.exe am I right?

For me, BST isn't a company, it's a project. I've worked on tons of little things, but I've never published them. BST was created as a means to do so. It's not about the company, it's about the customers and the products and solutions that we create for them.

For direct communication please contact:

  • womackp@public.blacksector.tech