Connections, They're Important.


Today, Black Sector is proud to announce its first public software release, a GUI based setup agent for the Streisand VPN server. 

We'd like to make something very clear from the start, we did not develop Streisand. The massive amount of work that went into this project, and all credit due, goes to the guys who worked on the original project.

Joshua Lund

Jason A. Donenfeld

Corban Raun

Trevor Smith

Paul Wouters

First things first,

The master branch of the GUI Agent beta is available for public download at the link below.


This is a beta. We don't know how it will react in every environment, and even more so, we're not sure it will work at all. The agent is currently reliant on gksudo and zenity, two things that don't exist on macOS, or versions of Linux not built on Debian (by default). For this reason, the current release is only built for Debian or Ubuntu Linux, with a LightDM or GDM window manager. If you have questions about what that is, you can use the flowchart below to determine if your system is comptatable.

Yes, we spent over an hour on this to make it look pretty.

In Text Form:

Operating System Support Status
macOS 10.12+ Yes - Non-native
OS X 10.10+ Yes - Non-native
OS X 10.9- Untested
Linux (Debian) Yes
Linux (Fedora) Not Yet
Windows 10 Not Yet

The Future,

Our plan for this software is to make Streisand available on every platform. While we won't be able to deploy it to iPhones - yet - we want to make Streisand, and web based security, available to everyone.